5 Tips for Travelling Around Europe (That Will Save You Money)


If you are a devoted traveller you may have already come in contact with the issue of funding your trips. While it is endlessly amusing to travel around the world, meet new people and come in contact with new cultures, having to worry about money while doing those things can take some fun out of it. Here are the best tips for you to find your way around Europe and save money while doing so.

1. Plan ahead!
If you are planning to visit Europe, you should carefully plan the entire trip before you head out to do so. It is a wise idea to get precise information about the countries you are visiting. This will save you time and money. Check prices of the hotels or hostels you’re staying in before you start your journey, check the prices of transportation and museum tickets, and get some information on the fun things you can do and experience during your stay. If you can, plan your trip when it is not the peak season for tourists – you will experience more and you will also save money. Remember, good preparation always leads to success!
2. Hotel or hostel – make your pick
Unless you plan to cocoon in an expensive hotel room, the room you’ll be staying is not really that important to your trip as it will be the place where you will spend the least amount of time. Generally speaking, it is often cheaper to stay in a hostel, than in a hotel. Plan your trip in advance and see what kind of special offers or discounts you can get on your room. Money you save on the place of your stay you can spend to enjoy yourself more or visit more places.
3. Museum pass
You should visit official museums sites and investigate the ways in which you can visit the most places and spend the least amount of money. Often you can get a museum pass that will help you save money on your trip.
4. Transportation
It is easy enough to save money on transportation. Avoid taxis, since they are often the most expensive way to travel around the city, and instead go for public transportation, such as trains and buses. If you can, get a pass that will last for your entire stay with the amount of rides that you believe will be enough. If you travel by plane, make sure you use low-travel companies and economy class. Also, if you plan your trip well in advance you could get discounts from airline companies.
5. Money issues
In general, when you travel abroad one of the main concerns for all travellers is how to keep your money and documents safe. In addition to that, you will also do yourself a favour if you avoid exchange offices and get your money straight from an ATM. By doing so, you will keep your money safe and you will get the fairest exchange rate there is.